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Men of Orange prides itself on connecting brands with nearly 50+ manufacturers worldwide. We assist our valued clients by helping them find their perfect production center. Connecting brands and providing them with the ability to produce in 4 different continents around the world. Through our reliable network of manufacturers, offering transparent and long-lasting relationship opportunities. With access to our premium manufacturing locations, we can aid in producing the ultimate product for each distinct brand, which allows us to give each client a unique and tailor-made experience.




Men of Orange prides itself on being a company that connects clients with our trustworthy premium manufacturing partners all around the world, with the additional benefit of providing marketing, design, and logistic help too.


Our clients are what’s most important to us, satisfaction from our manufacturing and design is a must. On top of that, we offer trusted agencies to help out with design, marketing, logistics, and transportation if our client needs assistance.


We believe that transparency is an utmost priority to create a healthy relationship between us and our clients, our manufacturers are upheld to the best standards. We encourage clients to visit our manufacturing partners and even create direct communication channels.


We are a company that wants to provide our clients with the ultimate experience giving them a chance to turn their creativity into great garments.

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