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Men of Orange esteemed itself on working only with manufacturers that comply with international rules and regulations, ensuring a safe environment for workers. Additionally, we work in accordance with local regulations and a handful of international organizations to ensure our standards are upheld and complied with.


In order to illustrate to our clientele that we are in fact conscious and aware of problems that face the industry we actively partake in a variety of procedures to ensure our workers are content and safe. We prove that Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our business through our international social responsibility partners, as well as offering a plethora of different materials in order to achieve a more eco-friendly production line.

We appraise ourselves on following better work regulations and protocols by working with manufacturers that abide by the leading social compliance agencies, Fair wear, and Amfori BCSI. Fair wear works hand in hand with a variety of businesses, manufacturers, and brands within the supply chain to ensure and advocate for good working conditions within the fashion industry. Moreover, Amfori provides a single point for all supply chain activity campaigning for better work conditions and worker’s rights around the world. Men of Orange are glad to work with such manufacturers that actively partake in initiatives and will continue to advocate for a better industry where everyone is safe and accounted for.


Sustainability is a big part of the fashion industry. Materials and resources play a pivotal role in our eco-footprint and our sustainability measures. Together with the help of our manufacturers, we have been able to provide an array of different materials that are more sustainable. Our sustainability practices have been able to help us manufacture more clothing with organic cotton and other textures, we also participate in natural dying, and last but not least we pride ourselves on repurposing through partially and fully recycled materials. We believe having sustainable materials and practices are very important and also creates opportunities for our partners to use environmentally friendly and industry-standard materials.

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